Our Vision

Like a river, our vision is to be a life-affirming resource to families in our area.  Through spiritual, educational, and material assistance services, we will see children alive and healthy, families strengthened and happy, lives changed and fulfilled and Christ honored and glorified.

Our Mission

Riverways Pregnancy & Family Resource Center is a Christ-centered organization serving south-central Missouri.  We provide compassionate, life-affirming services that empower individuals to make healthy, positive choices related to pregnancy, parenting, and relationships.

Bringing Hope

At Riverways Pregnancy & Family Resource Center, women are able to talk with an experienced, caring client service advocate.  Each client is has the opportunity to talk through her situation and given resources personalized to her needs and concerns.  Client service advocates offer hope, encouragement, and support, showing the love of Christ at each opportunity.  The father of the baby, family, and friends are also welcome to meet with an advocate.  We are committed to walking with each woman throughout her pregnancy, providing on-going education, resources, and support.

Looking Toward the Future

Pregnancy is just the start of our relationship with many families.  On average, they continue to work with us for two years beyond pregnancy.  We find that this time is filled with opportunities to minister to these families, meeting them at the point of their needs and pointing them toward the hope found in Christ.  We provide services that encourage the best possible life start for children and stability for families.  We equip parents with education and resources that support strong families and positive parenting.

Image by Omar Lopez